On The Road. Again.

Well, ok, we’ve made some progress. Basically what happened was-we kind of lost our minds. Faced with months and probably years of couch surfing and extended stay hotels while we try to rebuild our house in STJ we both sank, simultaneously, into a deep, dark depression in Indianapolis. I’m not going to go on about that because you can probably figure out that the whole situation sucks (for everyone touched by Irma, not just us. And yeah, we know we’re lucky).


Jennifer and Wembley packing all of our remaining clothes in hotel.

Anyway, we were seriously thinking about changing the name of this interweb journal from detached and amused to down-trodden and disgusted. But, you know, wordpress is more of a pain in the ass to edit than you would think. So we decided that if the title is detached and amused then that’s what we have to be. AND if we already have the about us page set up to chronicle our journeys in a Winnebago, then we needed a fucking Winnebago. So we got one.


Introducing the Travato. This is a HUGE upgrade from Coachese (for whom we found a lovely and fantastic new owner). This guy is brand new. All the bells and whistles. Very extended warranty. The best Winnebago has to offer in a campervan (and much, much nicer than many of the places we’ve lived). Anyway, we checked out of the exended stay hotel and directly into the Travato a few days ago. Yes, you’re right, we can’t afford this. Thanks for reminding us.


Frances in the Travato. Yeah. We fancy now. She knows it.


Let’s stay positive, shall we? This guy is super stealthy. He doesn’t really look like an RV. He’s 21 feet long and pretty much fits in regular parking spots. And even if people know its an RV, it’s so fucking nice that no one minds having it parked in their driveway. I know this is true because we already camped in our friends’ driveway in a very swanky neighborhood in Cincinnati. Thank you Adeoyes. We really, really love you guys.


Right now we are somewhere in the Finger Lakes area of NY. Yesterday, we went to Niagara Falls (first time for all of us and very impressive). Later this week we’ll be in Acadia National Park in Maine. And at the end of the month we’ll be back in Indy because Jennifer has work dates scheduled. And that’s how it will go, hopefully. Instead of spending the next year or more in a semi-soul-crushing Days Inn while we battle insurance companies and scheme about how to get our life back, we’ll ping pong around the country in our 100% operable rv, visiting friends and family (yes, this means you) and World Famous Attractions between work weeks (while also still battling and scheming to get our island life back).


Niagara Falls. Taken by storm.


Hey, let’s not forget that this was our plan all along. We always wanted to spend part of our time doing this. I know this because I’ve actually read this blog. We just forgot for a minute because it almost always sucks a little when you’re forced into something. Even if it was one of your dreams.

10 thoughts on “On The Road. Again.

  1. Nancie Moore says:

    Good to know that you’ve found a wonderful replacement for Cochese! My friends the McKibbens left after Irma and are couch surfing also. They too are dejected and sad bc they lost everything except their dog (thank goodness) and what they could fit into backpacks. They were renters so no FEMA or insurance help. But that’s what friends are for, right!
    Looking forward to your new adventures and if you’re ever in eastern PA, send me an email. I’ll buy you a beer! 🙂 Happy travels!


  2. baeisen says:

    Felix and I were at Niagara Falls last Monday! He is now an international traveler like his mother after a stay in Canada.. I love reading your blog posts and am happy to hear about your amazing new Winnebago! Come to Delaware! Seriously.


    • detachedandamused says:

      Oh, we’re coming!!! Just not sure when. It would have been beyond spectacular to have run into you guys at Niagara Falls. But it might have been too much. We might’ve instantly dissolved into puddles of happiness. And thanks for reading! Also, you guys are part of a very small set of people who actually stayed at Sweet Spice and, you know, witnessed the glory. Can’t wait to catch up.


    • detachedandamused says:

      Mr. Matt H.,
      That is 100% true. It is one of the many benefits of setting a very low bar for ourselves! Also, thank you so much for the amazing “So-you-lost-your-house” bread. It was delicious. And a high point in a low week. Buckscountybread.com strikes again!


  3. Paul the Carpenter says:

    Maybe I should have put one more screw on the shutters. Perhaps a little more liquid nails. A few of my projects withstood Irma but all the kings horses and all the kings men could not hold Sweet Spice together from Irma. It is my pleasure to be your neighbor, your friend and the guy who built things and dreams.
    For now, Corey and I will rebuild our lives on a different Rock.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. detachedandamused says:

    Hey, Paul!
    Man, you did everything you could. Probably the windows are still boarded up. We just have no idea where the windows are! Thank you so much for all the amazing work you did at Sweet Spice. From the life-changing-gate to the macerator! We are lucky to have met you guys when we did. Can’t wait to see you again (put your re-building boots on)!


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